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Building a Resilient Risk Culture in Educational Institutions

Education Boards play a pivotal role in embedding risk-aware practices throughout their institutions, ensuring that campuses remain safe and secure environments for learning and growth. This blog delves into the strategies boards can employ to cultivate a robust risk culture...

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How to Conduct a Security Risk Assessment for Your Enterprise Organization

Conducting a comprehensive security risk assessment is a proactive step in identifying vulnerabilities and mitigating potential threats to protect your assets, employees, and operations. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the process of conducting an effective security risk assessment...

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The Multi-Faceted Role of Video Surveillance in Hospitals

Hospitals are not just places of healing, they are dynamic environments teeming with activity, which naturally brings into consideration a range of factors when developing a comprehensive security plan. From ensuring the security of patients' personal information to preventing unauthorized...

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10 reasons why Education Institutions should make enterprise security a top priority

Education institutions today are operating in an ever-changing environment, and constantly need to contend with and protect against security threats. Public U.S. K-12 education is a $760 billion sector, serving over 50 million students, and collect and manage sensitive data...

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digital video surveillance

5 reasons why digital video surveillance is critical for your enterprise security 

While we may be living in a digital age, video surveillance for your physical locations should be an unquestioned component of your enterprise security plan. Video surveillance offers companies of all sizes, in all industries an effective way to deter...

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