06 Feb 2015

Ring of Protection: 8 Cities Link To One IP Surveillance System

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Milestone is known for their open platform systems. The open platform system was taken to a new level in Minnesota as eight cities covering 200 square miles and protecting 3,000,000 people linked their IP surveillance systems together. The Milestone XProtect system allows cities to control their own security monitoring while having the ability to quickly link into neighboring systems. They are calling this the “Ring of Protection.” This allows those cities to solve a mutual incident or get emergency assistance from surrounding cities.
Normal city surveillance needs include monitoring visitors at city halls, keeping track of persons in custody at police stations, providing evidence for investigations, watching intersections, and more.There are many reasons why these eight cities in Minnesota would link their IP Video Management Systems (VMS) together. With the new system in place, the range of which these cities can monitor increases exponentially. Any crime or incident that crosses city jurisdiction can be easily investigated in less time and more efficiently. One city has integrated Milestone’s XProtect Transact software, a point of sale system, in their liquor stores which displays video associated with register transactions.
Though this new implementation of Milestone’s XProtect software is still in the infancy stage, these cities in Minnesota are anxious to see how the system will evolve to serve even more needs for their city and further protect their citizens.
More information on Milestone’s XProtect software can be found at: http://www.milestonesys.com/our-products/.