29 Sep 2014

Protecting Your Apartment Community

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The apartment industry in the United States is an ever growing industry. We are finding that in the US due to higher difficulty in getting mortgage financing and a trend for younger generations not wanting to be tied down to one specific area, apartment occupancy rates are on the rise. We are seeing the largest rental boom that we have seen in a decade. With the rise of multi-family and student housing, how do you insure that your community will be protected from crime? We hope to give some tips on how to effectively protect your property while keeping your budget in mind.

Access Control

Access Control can be vital tin protecting your property from potential threats. Access control allows properties to limit who can access certain areas of the property as well as track who has entered an area of the property. Using access control for community amenities such as the fitness center, business center, resident lounge areas, laundry facilities, pools, and other amenities will allow property managers and owners to restrict access to only residents carrying the access control card. Apartment Communities are liable for any injuries in their facilities and requiring an access card for these amenities will restrict non residents from accessing these areas. Also, it can help protect the property from theft as the systems allow management to see timestamps of who accessed an amenity and when.

In addition, access control systems can be set to allow residents or members into the pool area who have an access card and restrict access after a certain hour. If the pool closes at 10 PM, the access control system can be set not to allow anyone into the pool area after 10 PM.

Finally, access control systems can be implemented into the individual apartment buildings that have common hallways or entrance points. These systems will only allow residents with access cards to enter their building.

IP Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance is another essential tool that can help deter potential crime from a property. Video Surveillance can help apartment communities in multiple ways. One way communicating with community access control systems. Video surveillance systems can be set to automatically turn on and begin recording after someone uses their access control card to enter a particular area. This allows the system to only store video of when someone was using that facility. This means that in the event that ownership or management needs the footage of a particular incident, they can tell who accessed the area, when, and have video footage.

Another reason for video surveillance on property is for common areas. The majority of apartment crimes are things like car break-ins which have shown to be on the rise. In July of this year in Atlanta, GA , thieves broke into 22 cars in one night! With video surveillance, many thieves wouldn’t risk break-ins if they were on camera. Just like this incident that was reported on all of the local news channels, car break-ins or worse crimes are not good for publicity and can cause occupancy percentages to suffer drastically. Having video surveillance of the parking lots, common areas, and amenities like the pool, fitness center, and others will help your property to be protected from potential crime.

Why IP Video Surveillance? IP is internet based which allows users to view footage from remote areas. Most owners have properties in states where their office is not located. IP surveillance allows them to view the footage from anywhere in the world as long as they have internet.

Having a proactive plan can help protect your community from potential crime. Call Data Link for a risk-free consultation to set up your access control and video surveillance today!


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