28 Aug 2014

How to Overcome Security Concerns in the Hospitality Industry

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Safe and secure hotel accommodations are something that are expected from travelers in today’s hotel industry. With the rising crime rates around the country, how can you ensure a safe environment for your hotel or resort? The answer lies in taking the right steps to make sure that you have a safe and secure operation. Here are 5 things that you can do to develop your hotel security.

Access Local Crime Statistics

Hotels all over the country are in many different types of areas. Some more urban, some more rural. Knowing your area is one of the first and most important things you can do as a hotel manager/owner to be proactive about security. The important key points to pay attention to when looking at crime reports are: what, where, and when. Knowing what crime happened, where it happened, and when it happened are important details that can benefit your hotel. If you notice that most of the crimes happening in a 1 mile radius of your facility are happening after midnight, that will tell you to restrict access to the hotel after midnight.

Key Card Access

Key card access is popular in most new hotels today. There are key card access points to get into areas of the building and also for the hotel rooms themselves. Many hotels will require guests to use their key cards to access their floor from the elevator. This is a great way restrict access to guestrooms in the event that something does happen.

In addition, make sure that all employee areas have RFID access control. Many crimes in hotels happen by internal staff members. RFID access control allows the hotel to track employee movement throughout the hotel and gives the ability for management to restrict access to certain rooms or areas. Adding access control for staff will deter many internal crimes.

Video Surveillance

Many hotels make the mistake of thinking that hotel surveillance systems are going to be too expensive and make guests uncomfortable having large cameras in the hallways and lobby. Video surveillance has become much more affordable for hotels and large establishments over the he last decade. Also, as technology progresses, devices get smaller. Many businesses that you visit on a normal basis have video surveillance systems without customers even knowing it. Having cameras at access points, common areas, and hallways allows the front desk or security personnel to have a birds eye view of the hotel all at once.

Control After Hours Access

Having the right tools in place will help your night audit staff maintain a safe and secure environment. The combination of key card access and surveillance can dramatically decrease the potential for crimes. As the sun goes down, foot traffic slows. Having a strong system in place is a major deterrent for unwanted crime. To ensure that you are not vulnerable, make sure that staff can limit access after hours. In addition, make sure that one area of the front desk has video surveillance and key card access control.

Create a Plan and Train Staff

Make sure you have a plan in the event that something does happen. You should have a plan in case a crime or emergency happens in your hotel. Training staff on how to respond when something does happen will promote confidence in a safe and secure environment. Locking down areas of the hotel and having the ability to communicate with guests effectively can mean the difference between a major or minor incident.

Data Link Can Help

At Data Link, our team knows security inside and out. From access control to video surveillance, we can do it all! Integrated technology can allow your hotel guests and staff to enjoy a safe and secure environment. Have more than one hotel? We allow for multiple location roll outs so your team can watch and control many different properties from one location.